With the emergence of cell phones in the marketplace, many employers are dealing with problems associated with them at work. Employees often bring their cell phones to work and this could potentially cause numerous hazards for others. Employers in some cases have to deal with lost productivity, injuries and liability.

Lost Productivity

One of the most prominent issues for employers when it comes to cell phones is the loss of productivity. Users now have the ability to surf the Internet, send text messages and take pictures with their cell phones. This increases the interest in them by the employee and can lead to a great deal of lost production for the employer. Many employers ban cell phone usage at work for this very reason.

Equipment Accidents

Cell phone usage has led to some issues with accidents at work. For example, when employees have access to equipment such as forklifts or other heavy machinery, using a cell phone on the job could be disastrous. An employee could be reading a text message and accidentally run over another employee or run into the building. These accidents can be expensive for the employer and they could be dangerous for other employees.

Auto Accidents

If an employee has to drive a company car, the employer could be held liable for any accident that he gets into. If the employee is driving while looking at his cell phone, this could lead to a serious accident. Many people have been injured in cell phone related auto accidents; if this happens on company time, the employer may have to worry about the liability that results from an employee injuring someone else in an auto accident.

Privacy Issues

One of the often overlooked issues regarding cell phone usage at work is a violation of privacy rights. Most cell phones now have the ability to take and send pictures to other phones and email addresses. When an employee takes a picture of something at work and sends it to a friend, she could unwittingly be sending important business information as well. If the company has trade secrets to worry about, any pictures out in the market could be disastrous. The employee could unwittingly violate another employee's privacy rights by sending pictures of them or their property. This could lead to a lawsuit or some other problems for the employer.