Peer-reviewed business journals offer readers, whether grad students or corporate CEOs, access to research, case studies and commentary that has been rigorously vetted by panels of noted academics. Journals tend to focus on specific aspects of the business world, such as government regulation and lobbying or cultural considerations of international business.

Business and Politics

As the name implies, Business and Politics focuses on the interaction between the business community and political actors, including regulatory legislation and lobbying efforts by the business community. The journal has been published three times a year since 1999 by the University of California at Berkeley, and features original research as well as case studies with commentary by business scholars and executives. Recent submissions have focused on environmental regulation in Argentina, foreign investment in oil-rich countries, and pressure put on China's auto industry by the World Trade Organization. As of 2010, annual subscriptions for academic institutions and individuals cost $215 while a corporate subscription costs $645.

Business Horizons

Business Horizons is a bimonthly journal published by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The journal's editors aim to publish content that is both academic and practical; while the journal welcomes academic or technical analysis of business theory, that analysis must be accessible to executives who wish to utilize the information in their everyday lives. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics with the common thread of offering solutions to contemporary problems. As of 2010, subscription prices range from $130 a year for personal use to more than $400 for institutional use, while individual articles can be accessed online for about $30.

Global Journal of International Business Research

The GJIBR is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that offers equal space to practical methods and models, and to theoretical research on developments in international business. Publication of manuscripts is based on evaluations by more than a dozen scholars around the world, as well as the originality, depth and relevance of the submission. Past articles are available for free on the journal's website. Some articles are specific to one country, such as a 2010 piece on the liberalization of foreign institutional investments in India, while others, including a 2009 article on electronic payment systems, are applicable around the world.

Business & Society

Business & Society is an international quarterly journal founded in 1960 at Chicago's Roosevelt University. The magazine publishes original research as well as book reviews and abstracts of doctoral dissertations. As the name suggests, the journal focuses on the interstices of social issues, ethics, and the business climate. Article topics range from business ethics to environmental issues and cross-cultural problems that arise in international business. As of 2010, print-only subscriptions cost $126 for individuals and $611 for institutions. The journal's electronic archives may be accessed in whole for about $600, while individual articles are available for smaller fees.