Because people often get a refund after filing their taxes, tax season is a prime time to market your products and services. After all, lots of potential customers are walking around with an extra chunk of cash in their bank accounts or wallets or are about to receive a check from Uncle Sam, so they can spend on what you’re selling. However, other businesses are likely in the same frame of mind, so you’ll have to stand out to get people’s attention with smart and interesting marketing schemes.

Stretch Your Return Campaign

The problem with tax returns is that the money can disappear all too quickly. Invite customers to make their returns last by discounting your products and services during a special “Stretch Your Return” sale. Consumers will appreciate that you’re thinking about their fiscal health.

Get Through Tax Season Promo

Tax season can be stressful for people. Not only is the actual filing process an arduous and dreaded one, but people may also be biting their nails at the thought of owing Uncle Sam money. Help them de-stress by inviting them to come in and take free, promotional stress balls or other inexpensive freebies that can help ease stress. Additionally, think about how your business itself can provide stress relief while marketing itself. For instance, gyms might offer free, week-long passes so people can burn off some stress, while mattress or furniture stores might invite customers to come and sit in their massage chairs or recliners for a bit.

“EZ” Discounts

Not everyone will get a tax return, and in fact, some people will have to write a check to Uncle Sam. Help them feel better about this by offering “EZ” discounts, named after the commonly used tax form. Offer the discount through the week of April 15, which is tax deadline, or offer it just for the day. Because these people have just shelled out a good hunk of money to the Internal Revenue Service, they likely don’t have money to spend on unnecessary things, so extend your discount to everyday, needed items or services.