If you want to operate a License Plate Agency in North Carolina, you must meet several requirements. You have to fill out an application that will be reviewed by the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles. You must also meet business expectations and have a facility that meets state criteria. License Plate Agency operators are not owners, but instead have a contract with the state to run the agency.

Application Forms

You can download a License Plate Agency application in PDF format from the state DMV website. The four-page application asks for personal information, education, employment, a financial statement, credit references and personal references. Separate forms are used if a county, town or chamber of commerce wants to operate the agency.

Business Background

Officials in the N.C. DMV’s Vehicle Services Section review the applications, said Marge Howell, the DMV’s public information officer. The reviewers want to know if the person has a good business track record and strong financial backing. The operator must also show that he or she will provide good customer service, Howell said.


The location for a proposed License Plate Agency must also meet several requirements, Howell said. The facility must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, she said. It must also have restrooms, adequate space and plenty of parking.

Howell said anyone wanting more information about operating a License Plate Agency can contact the N.C. DMV at 919-861-3332.