Indoor tanning is a multibillion dollar industry. Your business, as a tanning salon owner or manager, is to capture a portion of that revenue to make your business a success. Competition in the tanning industry is fierce, however, and you must continually work to improve sales and bring in more customers each year. Luckily, there are ways to improve sales that don’t cost a lot of money to implement.

Employee Commission Programs

Your employees are the ones with the most face-to-face contact with your customers. Each interaction between an employee and a customer is a sales opportunity. Your employees may not be motivated to sell products or services, however, if there’s nothing extra in it for them.

Change that mentality by offering a commission structure for the sales your employees make. This can be set up a number of ways: it can be as simple as a contest where the employee with the highest sales wins a prize, or your employees earn a percentage bonus based on their sales totals. However you set it up, remember that it should be attractive enough to motivate your employees to sell more.

Upsell Each Purchase

Find ways to make your products and services complement one another and, in turn, increase your salon’s sales. For example, if you sell a tanning package, be sure to suggest tanning lotions that improve a tan. Or if you offer massages, suggest a soothing body lotion to help the customer relax.

Another way to upsell purchases is by offering bonuses for purchases. For example, offer 20 free minutes of tanning for each 100 minutes purchased. If a customer wants to purchase 80 minutes, encourage her to purchase 100 minutes so she’ll get the additional free minutes. Many times customers will pay more to get something for free, increasing your sales totals.

Differentiate From Competitors

It’s likely that your salon isn’t the only one in your area that offers tanning. Improve your sales by showing current (and potential) customers that your salon is better than the competition by offering something they don’t. The “extras” that you offer can be additional products and services, or your offer can something less noticeable, like greeting each customer by name on every visit. The little things makes a difference to customers and improve the chances that they’ll keep coming back, and buying, from your salon.