Finance companies operate differently than traditional banks or mortgage lenders. A finance company provides loans from an available capital source and earns profits strictly through the interest paid by borrowers. A finance company usually requires some collateral for the loan amount. Finance companies rarely offer revolving credit lines. Borrowing more money involves refinancing the loan and possibly providing additional collateral.

Poor Credit Help

Through a finance company, borrowers with poor credit will usually have access to funds otherwise unavailable through traditional bank lenders or unsecured credit cards. Because borrowers put up collateral to secure a loan, finance companies are more likely to lend money to poor credit risks. The loan will involve a higher interest rate, as the finance company will want to recover its exposure through several early payments.

Although finance companies are amenable to lending money to people with poor credit, there will still be other requirements to be satisfied to secure the disbursement of funds. The borrower must be employed or have a verifiable income source. The finance company will not lend money if there is no apparent means to repay the loan. The finance company will also require serial numbers and identification information for the collateral. Finally, a verifiable address is necessary. Without a verified means for the finance company to contact the borrower, there is little likelihood the loan will be approved.

Major Purchase Financing

Consumers can access money through a finance company for major purchases such as appliances, used cars, electronics, musical instruments and other big-ticket items. Finance companies often work directly with retailers selling such items.

As the finance company is already aware of the retail value, depreciation and resale value of the item, securing the financing is often quicker than going through another funding source. The money will be made available for financing 100 percent of the retail price. This eliminates the need for any sort of down payment.

Cash Resource

Finance companies will also lend cash directly to borrowers. Although prospective borrowers with very poor credit may not secure a loan, finance companies are an excellent source for quick funds for people in most credit situations. The finance company can provide money quickly for medical emergencies, unforseen home or education expenses, or financing a vacation trip. Borrowers will be asked for the reason for the loan; a simple “personal expenses” answer will be satisfactory.