Investment companies are firms that typically invest the money they receive from investors into collective securities such as mutual funds, investment trusts or closed-end funds. Individual investors can purchase shares of an investment company either personally, or more commonly through their financial advisor or broker. Investors will share in the profits gained and losses incurred by the investment company, in accordance with how many shares they have purchased in the company. In Canada, the top investment companies are recognized by the annual Canadian Investment Awards.

CI Investments

Canadian International (CI) Investments is a highly regarded investment firm that offers prospective investors options in Canadian, global and industry funds. According to CI Investments, they are a leader in innovative market strategies with about $66 billion in assets under management, and invest the money of more than 1.7 million Canadians. A diverse lineup of investment options are offered including mutual funds, segregated funds, asset allocation programs, structured products and other alternative investments, according to CI Investments. Investors can purchase shares in CI funds through partnering financial advisors located throughout Canada.

CI Investments 2 Queen St. East, 20th Floor Toronto, ON, Canada M5C 3G7 800-268-9374

Beutel Goodman

Beutel Goodman claims to specialize in a value investment philosophy which yields long-term returns and low levels of risk for their clients. The company focuses on investing client capital into solid companies with little cyclicality when dealing with fixed income mandates, and companies with more upside values for equity mandates. Beutel Goodman is separated into an institutional division and a private client group. The institutional division concentrates on segregated and pooled fund management for pension plans, endowments, foundations, First Nations, insurance companies, and corporations, according to Beutel Goodman. The private client group manages investments for individuals, their holding companies, estates and trusts, First Nations and foundations either in private pooled funds or in segregated portfolios, according to Beutel Goodman. Mutual funds are also available to individual investors through their financial advisor or broker.

Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd. 20 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 2000 P.O. Box 2005 Toronto, ON, Canada, M4R 1K8 800-461-4551

Dynamic Funds

Dynamic Funds started as a small investment club in Montreal back in 1957, but today is one of the most successful investment firms in Canada. They offer a plethora of products and services dealing with all major investment disciplines, including open and closed-end investment funds and fee-based, tax-advantaged and customized high-net-worth programs, according to Dynamic Funds. Dynamic Funds strongly believes in the value of a reliable financial advisor, and accordingly requires investors to purchase their funds through a registered securities dealer located in Canada.

Dynamic Funds - Head Office 1 Adelaide St. East, 29th Floor Toronto, ON, Canada M5C 2V9 800-268-8186