A business process is something that is done to get a desired result, according to the Tech Republic article "Identifying Core Business Processes is First Step Towards Customer Satisfaction." In order to become more efficient, a company needs to identify and analyze its business processes to find areas where time and money are being wasted.


Hiring is a very important business process because it is the method by which you construct your company staff. When viewing the hiring process, examine how your company receives and processes resumes, the filtering out of candidates to reach the ones you want to interview, the criteria used to determine if an employee should be hired, and the actual interview and hiring process itself. All of these segments of the hiring process should be geared towards facilitating conversation between human resources and the hiring manager to make sure the right candidates are being hired.


The manufacturing of a company product is one of the most important steps of a business. A company's manufacturing process should be reviewed periodically to ensure its efficiency. In some cases, the company does not have control over the manufacturing process because it is outsourced. Prior to outsourcing your manufacturing, you want to be certain that you have a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process used by your outsourced company, as well as some idea of the quality control procedures used. An in-house manufacturing process should be as efficient as possible. Consider implementing a manufacturing management system, such as the Lean system, to keep the manufacturing process efficient. According to the manufacturing standards resource SAE International, a Lean manufacturing system will help companies utilize personnel, resources, materials and space more efficiently to cut down on costs.

Quality Control

Quality control should be a company-wide business process that is implemented in every part of the organization. The marketing department can utilize a quality control process to eliminate mistakes printed in company marketing materials. The sales department can use quality control to filter out sales leads that do not meet the company's criteria. A quality control process is used primarily in manufacturing to reduce the amount of defective product that gets shipped to customers. By implementing quality control procedures throughout the company, you can significantly increase the quality of all of your business processes.