What Forms Should a New Employee Complete?

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Paperwork is a part of doing business, and the process of hiring a new employee is no exception. There are certain documents that must be filled out by new employees, such as tax-withholding forms and direct-deposit paperwork. All necessary forms along with any company-specific paperwork should be filled out by the employee and processed in a timely manner, ideally on the employee's first day.

New Employee Paperwork

New employees should fill out a job application form -- if they have not done so already -- listing their complete address, contact numbers, emergency contact information, references and all prior work experience, along with consent for a background check and consent for drug testing. Most employees complete the application and signed consent forms during the interview and hiring process, but, if not, human resources will need this information completed and processed for the employee personnel file.

Government Forms

The U.S. government requires several forms to be filled out for each new employee. The Form I-9 verifies the identity of each individual hired and if he is legally eligible to work in the United States. This form must be completed and signed no later than the first day of employment and retained by the employer along with a copy of the employee's social security card. Form W-4 details an employee's withholding allowances for federal income tax purposes. Employees must fill out a new Form W-4 if their withholding allowance changes during the year.

State New Hire Form

All employers are required by federal law to report each new hire -- within 20 days of the date hired -- to the U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement. This state agency determines if an employee owes child-support payments. New hires can be reported using a copy of Form W-4 or a company form listing the same information. Forms can be submitted electronically or by mail to the State Directory of New Hires in the state where the employee works.

Direct Deposit Form

A direct deposit form should be filled out and turned into the accounting department. An employee will need to list her name, address and bank account numbers, and attach a blank voided check in order to receive the direct deposit of her paychecks.

Receipt of Employee Manuals/Handbooks

New employees should be given a copy of the company handbook and safety manual, if applicable. Each employee should sign and date a paper acknowledging she received and will abide by the rules stated in the handbook. These forms are important, as a company handbook states all company rules, including the drug and alcohol policy, sexual harassment policy, employee code of conduct, non-disclosure and non-compete clauses, and other pertinent company information.



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