List of Business Positions

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Business is a broad field with a variety of different positions available. In general, a business can be defined as a type of organization that creates products or services and sells them to people who desire them, according to the University of Minnesota website. Individuals can find business-related positions in a number of settings, including: large corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational systems.

Human Resources

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The human resources division of a business is in charge of interviewing and hiring employees based on the business’ need. The human resources department may also help businesses provide training to new employees as well as offer workshops to improve the skills of current employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates or individuals who have earned an academic certification will have the best chance of finding employment in this field.


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Every business needs an accountant to help keep track of the financial side of the business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants are generally responsible for helping a company run efficiently, ensuring that public records are kept accurately, and making sure taxes are paid on time. Depending on the type of business, accountants may also offer budget analysis and financial and investment advice. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field will have the best opportunity to find a position in accounting.

Public Relations

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Businesses often employ public relations specialists, also known as communications specialists, that help businesses maintain a positive relationship with the public. In general, public relations specialists are responsible for drafting press releases and keeping the media alert to new things happening at a business. Public relations specialists may also have a variety of other duties, depending on the business. For example, they may have to arrange speaking engagements, prepare speeches, or make visual presentations for meetings or conventions.

General Management

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The general manager is typically the leader of a business. A general manager is responsible for managing employees and keeping the business organized. According to the website, other duties of a general manager include: meeting goals, maintaining the company’s efficiency, and handling performance problems.

Market Research

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Many businesses employ market researchers to help determine what types of products and services to sell. Market researchers are responsible for gathering data from individuals to determine what people want to buy, and at what price. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who want to pursue a career as a market researcher must have strong quantitative skills and know how to conduct web-based surveys.


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