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The morning huddle is an opportunity for your employee team to touch base at the start of the workday before getting absorbed in the day's responsibilities. It can be used to make sure everyone knows about the team's current priorities and upcoming events. It's also a chance for team members to communicate with others on the team with whom they might not interact otherwise.

Review the Daily Schedule

Review the schedule for the day with your team. Let them know of deadlines that are coming up within the next week so team members can complete work on time. If upper-level executives or clients are visiting the office, let your employees know about it. In the morning huddle you can let your team know of any times you will be unavailable and what your schedule is for the day, including any meetings with individual team members.

Recognize Performance

If an employee has done something out of the ordinary to help the company or had a significant accomplishment, this is a time to mention it. Doing so in the huddle allows her to receive praise from her colleagues and shows everyone that a job well done will be recognized.

Special Events

Announce any special events in the team members' lives. These events could include a birthday or anniversary with the company. Employees also can share information from their personal lives, such as an engagement or the birth of a child.

Announce a Contest

If you are coming up on a deadline and need to motivate employees to meet it, the morning huddle is the time to announce a contest. It can be a competition within the team with prizes for the top performers. It could also be an announcement that if team members meets the deadline on a project, you'll take them out for lunch.

Educational Opportunity

Use the morning huddle to teach your team members a skill that can help them. This should be a very quick lesson, less than five minutes. It's also an opportunity for team members to mention issues they are having trouble with and ask others to suggest solutions.


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