Weather, finances and special events are all things travelers consider when making their travel plans. How you advertise to them is based on several factors that may complicate or complement your marketing strategies. Depending on how these issues affect your destination, you may have to choose whether to take advantage of those factors such as hot sunny days for beach excursions or troubleshoot, such as anticipating hesitant visitors after a hurricane.

Seasonal Changes

Changes in season are common angles to modify your marketing message. The shift from winter to spring brings a different type of audience to certain destinations. Ski-bound travelers looking for snow in the winter should be marketed to cabin leisure and toasty campfires. Alternatively, promote hiking trips and lakeside recreation for spring ad campaigns. School seasons that end before the summer affect how many travelers are in and out of your destination during family travel months. Groups also tend to travel more on holidays, especially three-day vacations to visit family and friends.

Tough Economy

When the population is going through a tough economy, this will affect how far, when and how long travelers will take trips. A Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis reported in a May 2010 survey on Walmart mom shoppers that 80 percent of them travel less or plan to travel less as a result of a struggling economy. This downturn in spending will affect how you market your destinations based on them being economical, in close driving distance to local residents and value-driven.

Political Aspects

As a result of higher security enforcements, bear in mind travel restrictions or increased sensitivity as directed by political clearance. If there is a threat to your destination, your marketing efforts need to shift to a public awareness campaign asking for support and comforting guests that travel is satisfactory.

Special Events

Popular special events such as sporting events, major concerts or film festivals are reasons travelers visit a destination and often plan an entire trip around the main event. This is an opportune time for you to market months in advance state and region-wide to get a boost in visitors. Even for tourists who are not attending the headlining festivities, supplemental events will attract them to be among the adventures.

Inclement Weather/Natural Disasters

Often last minute or unexpected weather conditions will heavily influence your marketing plans. Hurricane affects may require your marketing strategies to focus on discounts during the season or heavy promotion after the season. Snowbirds will flock down south for the winter and should see advertising inviting them to enjoy fun in the warm sun to avoid winter blizzards.