Marketing is a broad term that describes a variety of activities, including sales, communications, public relations, media outreach and business development. The methods of marketing you choose for your company or organization depends on the specific goals you want to reach. Starting out with a defined goal is critical to determining the success of your marketing efforts along the way and at the end of your campaign.

Raise Awareness


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One of the key goals of marketing is to raise awareness about your company among groups you have identified as your target audience. If you are marketing a pet-sitting service, your primary objective is to make sure that pet owners in your market area know about you and your business. Advertising is a good way to begin raising awareness about your brand, whether it be radio and television ads or print ads in your weekly community newspaper.

Increase Credibility


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Once target audiences know you exist, you must then make sure they feel comfortable that you know what you’re doing. Gaining credibility as an expert in your field helps attract audiences that are seeking the best possible services. Anyone can hand out flyers advertising a pet-sitting service, but pet owners are much more likely to choose a service that has been endorsed by several local veterinarians. Third-party testimonials show your potential customers that they can trust your business skills.

Compete in the Market


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Few businesses exist as monopolies, so competition is an inherent barrier to business success. Some marketing activities can make you more competitive in the market you serve, either by comparing you directly with your competition or by providing value propositions that differentiate you entirely. If your pet-sitting service offers special rates for senior citizens or you have certifiable training with aggressive animals, using this information in your marketing materials increases the likelihood that senior citizens and owners of aggressive pets will use your business.

Increase Revenue


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The ultimate goal of most marketing is to increase company revenue. To reach this objective, you must employ all the marketing techniques that work with your audience. Creating campaigns directed at specific segments of your market, offering discounts and coupons, providing exceptional customer service and demonstrating that you are a socially responsible company will help you increase revenue if you know how and when to market that information.