Team Building Activities for Change

by Wanda Thibodeaux; Updated September 26, 2017

Change is everywhere. It can be as simple as having a different flavor of coffee in the morning to changing your marital partner. Change impacts people in both positive and negative ways, and thus it has a positive or negative impact on the teams that people make up. A good organization shows people how to be aware of and deal with change in an affirming and constructive way.

Balloon Frenzy

Balloon Frenzy is an activity from the Change Resources Group. Teams may be any size for this activity, although there needs to be enough facilitators to keep track of game play. In this activity, each team member has a blown-up balloon, while the facilitator has more in a pile. The team members bounce their balloons, and over the course of the game, the facilitator gradually adds balloons. The objective is to keep the balloons off the floor. Game play stops when six balloons fall.

After the game, the facilitator leads a discussion about what the team members felt during the activity. The facilitator also should get team members to brainstorm ways they could deal with those feelings and how the balloon game is similar to times when change eventually may feel overwhelming.

Tea Break provides a team-building change exercise called Tea Break. It is a very simple exercise in which the facilitator provides team members with tea, coffee, or other drink or simple food. The facilitator brings the team members outdoors with their beverage or food. The facilitator then asks the team members if their food or drink tastes different than it did inside and leads a discussion on why the food or drink seems to be better.

This activity is designed to show team members that change involves perception. The facilitator thus can get the team members to talk about their individual perceptions so that the group gets an idea of how everyone might approach change.

The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is a discussion change activity from In this activity, the facilitator tells the team that they have a magic wand by which they can initiate any change they wish. The team members have to identify what they would change and why.

The Magic Wand is extremely useful despite its simplicity because it reveals what each team member desires to modify, which teaches the team about each team member's personality. In addition, the responses of the team members can show what problems are present in the group, and the facilitator can lead a discussion on what the team members would need to do, individually or as a team, in order to change or solve the problems.

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