Often when new or large groups of people in the form of teams, co-workers or colleagues have to work together on a project, it can be challenging to break the ice and allow everyone to feel comfortable. Creating a set of special team activities will help bond them and learn valuable lessons on patience, trust, support and respect. Incorporate fun tests to allow them to work together to find clues, win games and learn more about working well with each other.

Project Treasure Hunt

Arrange for several projects and tasks to be performed throughout the course of the day by arranging a treasure hunt. Hide simple projects such as a children’s puzzle, pop culture trivia questions, riddles and math equations around the site as checkpoints for the teams. A team must complete each of the tasks at the check points before advancing to the next. The event can be held in a large office parking lot, nearby park or in-side building. You should have each team answer questions and follow hints to get from one checkpoint to the next. Award-winning teams who complete the mission win gift cards for coffee, gas or groceries.

Team Olympics

Break teams up into two or three main groups. Issue off-the-wall challenges such as a potato sack race, three-legged hop and a pie-eating contest. Groups can participate around a community or hotel pool for additional challenges such as a balloon toss, race while holding an egg on a spoon and blindfolded relay race.

Game Show

Plan a trivia competition by placing teams in groups of two or three. Out of each group, have one representative complete an answer card about themselves on large index cards, all related to their quirky personality traits. Ask questions such as, “Describe your work preference as: works well with others, work independently or both” or "When distracted from work, do you tend to look out the window, hum a little tune or surf on the Internet?" Have the other group members guess their answers. The team with the most correct answers wins, and everyone gets to know worthwhile details about working with each other.