Tools Used in Agriculture

by Kasey Jones; Updated September 26, 2017

Many tools are used in agriculture on large farms, small farms, for crops and gardens and many more areas. From large tools like tractors and irrigation systems to small tools like hand-held shovels and rakes, the tools make life easier for people in the agricultural industry.


There are many types of tractors ranging from small to large, and they are used for a variety of agricultural applications. A garden tractor, also known as a riding lawnmower, is smaller than the typical tractor, and is used for cutting grass. A compact utility tractor is a medium-sized tractor used for landscaping. You can attach a plow, disk or brush-hog to this type of tractor. Larger tractors such as backhoes and bulldozers are usually used for construction and digging and can also be used for pulling.

Irrigation Systems

The use of irrigation systems in agriculture has provided many people with the opportunity to grow crops where they otherwise couldn't have, because of the lack of rainfall. There are many types of these systems including surface irrigation, which is normally used on large farms for products like cotton and wheat. In this common method, the field is flooded, letting gravity distribute the water. A center-pivot irrigation system is comprised of large pipes that are high above ground. The system spreads across the field and pivots, watering the crops. A smaller irrigation system can be used for yards, such as a sprinkler.

Building Fences

To build fences, many people use a post-hole digger, which allows you to dig a large hole for a large post. A t-post driver is also commonly used, which is a heavy, hand-held, metal tool that drives thin, metal posts into the ground. Slick wire, barbwire, or electric wire can be attached to the t-post and used as a barrier fence.

Hand Tools

There are many jobs in agriculture that require the use of hand tools. A spade, commonly used in gardens, is good for digging because of the flat, sharp shape. A rake, usually with a long handle and a finger-like base, is used in gardening and clean-up. A shovel allows you can scoop and carry because of the size and shape of the base. A hand-held, fertilizing sprayer can be used to fertilize crops in specific areas.

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