Things I Would Need to Be a Pet Sitter

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Pet sitters are being used more by people who do a lot of travelling or have jobs that don't allow for a quick trip home to let Fido out. Good pet sitters have certain characteristics, typically a genuine love for animals and knowing how to treat and care for them. Successful pet sitters take the job seriously, presenting themselves in a professional manner and are trusted by their clients.

Attention to Detail

Pet sitters need to be detail-oriented and good listeners. A good pet sitter will meet with clients ahead of time and take detailed notes. Clients may have special information regarding the pet's needs. Many times, pets will have to take medication. Pet owners may leave several contact phone numbers in case of an emergency. House alarms or alarm codes will also need to be remembered. Clients may also give instructions for watering house plants or how to handle the mail or trash.

Love of Animals

The most important part of being a pet sitter is to have a love of animals and the necessary experience and knowledge to care for them. You need to be comfortable around all kinds of animals and be competent in dealing with them, keeping their well-being in mind. You should know how to handle emergency medical situations for animals. Knowing a nearby veterinarian, if needed, is also important.


Successful pet sitters will have a flier or pamphlet detailing the services provided and fees associated with these services. This will show the client that you are organized and professional. If asked, a list of references should be available to give to the client. Pet sitters need to be trustworthy and should conduct business with honesty. You need to be punctual, dependable and able to communicate well with clients.


Although it is not required, becoming a member of an organization, such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International, will show your commitment to your service. Obtain business insurance, if possible, to give your clients a peace of mind. This should include coverage for the care, custody, and control of the client's pets.


It's important for a pet sitter to have adequate and reliable transportation in case an emergency trip to a veterinarian becomes necessary. A good supply of extra leases, balls, treats, toys and brushes is always good to have for the times when a client forgets to provide these for you.



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