Radio broadcasting provides an opportunity to facilitate the spread of information, such as current events, discussion and other information to listeners. However, radio may also involve wireless networks, satellites, television broadcasting and other uses. Government grants for radio broadcasting operations are often available for programs in the United States and abroad.

National Public Radio

NPR, as it's generally known, is a nationwide collection of radio stations that does not accept advertising, and is funded by members, corporations, governments, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, an organization created by the federal government to support non-commercial alternatives to traditional broadcast offerings. NPR receives about 16 percent of its total revenues from grants from various government entities as well as from the CPB.

Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum

The National Science Foundation offers funding to the program Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum. The grant provides funds to all types of entities without restriction and does not require a matching grant or cost share. The grant program focuses on research activities that will increase efficiency for the radio spectrum and thereby enable economic growth. The grant focuses especially on wireless applications, like radio frequency, software, cognitive radio, antennas and other network options.

Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program

The Department of Commerce provides the Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program, which focuses on assisting public safety agencies in purchasing, activating, and training for communication systems, including radio communications. The grant provides funding throughout the United States and its territories to state agencies.

International Broadcasting Independent Grantee Organization

The International Broadcasting Independent Grantee Organization grant program provides funding for projects that support freedom and democracy by enhancing an understanding about America and the world to overseas audiences. Grant funding is limited to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and Middle East Broadcasting Networks. No funding is available for the general public, state or local governments. There are no matching grant requirements for this program.