Mobile billboards are a form of outdoor advertising that add the mobility of a truck or other vehicle to the traditional billboard concept. Mobile billboards include large banners promoting a business or product as well as interior storage space for promotional materials or merchandise. They take the form of tall, flat-sided trucks that can take your company's advertising to any location, which can be very effective. However, they also incur a variety of costs.

Banner Cost

One of the largest costs of making a mobile billboard is the design and printing of the banners that promote your business. According to the Drive By Ads company, a pair of mobile billboard banners (one for each side of the vehicle) can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,600. If you pay someone to produce artwork for your banners, design a logo or design the layout, your cost will be even higher.

Vehicle Cost

If you contract with a mobile billboard service, Drive By Ads estimates that you'll pay between $500 and $800 per day, in addition to the cost of your banners. This fee covers use of the vehicle only. If you purchase your own vehicle, your cost will depend on many factors including whether you purchase a mobile billboard or buy a conventional truck and pay for modifications to install a billboard, the age and condition of the vehicle you buy, and whether you make the purchase with cash or finance it and pay interest.

Additional Costs

If you own your own mobile billboard, you'll also be responsible for additional operating costs. These include the price of fuel, the cost of hiring a driver and the expense or parking or storing your mobile billboard while not in use, which may mean renting a garage or a parking space in a high-density urban area near where you plan to advertise.

Marketing Value

Despite the potentially high cost of having a mobile billboard made, your business can still get value for its money. A mobile billboard will be most effective when you spend time planning where to advertise based on your target customer demographic. For example, if you manage marketing for a business that sells swimming pools, your mobile billboard will be most effective driving near family-themed events and destinations such as amusement parks, fairs and community street festivals. An eye-catching banner and pre-planning can make the cost of a mobile billboard reasonable for the business it attracts, just as poor planning can waste your mobile billboard budget regardless of its size.