Getting a gaming license with an expunged misdemeanor depends on the type of misdemeanor and can require additional steps. Read the application carefully to determine if it states to include a misdemeanor conviction or an expunged crime in your criminal history before you write “no” on the application.

Gaming License

A gaming license is required to work in a casino, and each state or Indian nation develops its specific criteria for the application process. Most require you to complete a very detailed application that includes both a financial and criminal background check, which may extend to those who resides in your household with you. There is a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. The process can take several weeks until completion, as all information is verified before the commission issues or denies a license.


A misdemeanor is a lesser crime, located between a traffic infraction and a felony. Some felony crimes can reduce to a misdemeanor at the time of conviction through a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. Misdemeanor crimes are those that require less than one year in jail. Fines are common for a misdemeanor conviction. Several common misdemeanors include petty theft, shoplifting and assault. Some states allow a misdemeanor to be expunged from your criminal record.


An expungement is a request to the courts that a conviction be removed, sealed, set aside, vacated, dismissed, cleared or destroyed from your criminal record. There is usually a requirement that a set time period passes that shows rehabilitation and no further convictions. Although an expungement will prevent most from having access to your records, a prosecuting, licensing or investigating agency may have access in certain states and situations. Each state may differ in their requirements, procedures and names for the expungement process, and not all states offer an expungement for a conviction,


A gambling license commission may have access to your complete criminal history, including an expunged record, based on the state. An expunged misdemeanor will not automatically prevent you from obtaining a gambling license, although some misdemeanors, such as crimes related to gambling or casino theft, will. Other misdemeanors can lead to an investigation. You may be asked to provide documents about the conviction and charges, information on your rehabilitation process or letters of “good moral character” from friends. These will be reviewed and a decision made as to whether to issue or deny a gambling license. There is an appeal process, and it will be contained in the denial letter. Contact a local attorney for information on your case.