How Much Do Supervisors Get Paid Hourly?

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Supervisors are an integral part of any business with a team of workers. These management-level employees often start out as entry-level workers and receive promotions through experience, continued training and education. On the job, they commonly coordinate meetings with staff, handle conflicts with customers or clients, control employee work schedules, and consult with owners and other managers and supervisors regarding the functions of company. With so many career options available to supervisors, wages can vary greatly.

Office and Administrative Support Supervisors

In business offices and organizations, supervisors direct clerical and administrative activities by employees. In 2010, this was one of the most common occupations for supervisors and more than 1.3 million of them worked for an average hourly wage of $24.41 according to the United States Bureau of Labor of Statistics. Wages in the middle 50 percent reported pay ranging from $17.70 to $29.47 an hour, but there were some extremes. Those in the bottom 10th percentile, perhaps the least experienced, made less than $13.88 an hour while supervisors at the top of their profession made over $36.99 hourly, according to the BLS.

Retail Sales Supervisors

Supervisors in the retail field lead sales representatives and oversee purchases, budgets, and customer relations. According to the BLS, over 1.1 million supervisors worked in retail in 2010 for an average $19.18 per hour. Most fell into the middle 50 percent and made from $13.37 to $22.30 an hour. Those in the bottom 10th percentile received less than $10.77, but retail supervisors that made it into the top 10th percentile earned over $29.28 an hour.

Non-Retail Sales Supervisors

Many companies that deal in non-retail industries employ supervisors to manage staff and handle standard financial operations. In 2010, more than 240,000 supervisors worked in non-retail jobs for a mean hourly wage of $39, significantly higher than those in retail. The lowest paid reported hourly wages of less than $17.82 and the highest paid earned over $67.46 an hour. However, most non-retail supervisors received between $24.67 and $47.07 per hour.

Personal Service Supervisors

More than 129,000 supervisors worked in personal services in 2010, overseeing workers such as beauty specialists, flight attendants, or taxi drivers. According to the BLS report, they earned $18.38 an hour on average. The middle 50 percent of personal service industry supervisors made between $13.13 and $22.20 an hour. However, those in the bottom 10th percentile reported hourly wages of less than $10.42 while the highest paid made more than $29.15 an hour.