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Referrals provide a source of clients for many businesses, but professional referral services help consumers select high-quality vendors and workers, without providing any other services to the client. The service screens independent workers and companies to weed out incompetent suppliers and provide clients with professional-quality work and products. Referral services typically field initial inquiries for the businesses and match consumer requests with the company or worker best able to do the work or provide the services. The clients, referral companies, or both, pay the service fees.


Medical referral services match patients with doctors, dentists and nurses. Some referring companies specialize in secondary, rather than primary, medical services, including specialists and diagnostic providers such as X-ray services and nutritionists. People new to geographic regions also use referral services to locate primary health providers for general and emergency care. Referring companies list doctors working with children, adults and the elderly. A few referral companies help pet owners find a caregiver for sick or injured animals.


Referrals for various legal experts or paralegals help coordinate appointments and assist consumers finding legal eagles with experience in the correct law specialties. Medical malpractice lawsuits, divorce, immigration issues and real estate problems all require hiring a lawyer with experience in a specialized legal field. Referral services work with potential clients to match the person with an attorney with the correct education, training and experience.


Construction referral services categorize help into major construction and minor repair. Referral services for finish carpenters, handymen, plaster or drywall installers, and appliance repair services allow workers to stay on the job while the service books future appointments. Plumbers and electricians also use referral services. Referral services offering immediate response for household emergencies, including plumbing, septic maintenance and roofing, match people in need with quality service providers close to the caller, even when the referral service is far away from both.

Child Care and Tutoring

Referring families to the appropriate childcare facility helps parents select from prescreened and licensed child care facilities. Some referral services work only with families looking for live-in help, while others help in hiring day care workers also trained as teachers or instructors for children too young for school. Services offering nannies or child care staff who speak foreign languages or teach specialized classes, including dance or art, have a wide clientele. Education and tutoring referral services work with parents and students to remediate students or provide advanced study for testing or college qualifying exams. Education-referral companies also screen private and charter schools for clients.


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