The bank personnel who process your mortgage application, including underwriters and new loan officers, are generally not involved with servicing your mortgage after you closing on your home. A mortgage adjuster is one of the employees who services existing mortgages. The bank may assign your account to a mortgage adjuster if you have difficulty making the payments.

Knowledge and Education

A high school diploma or equivalent is a basic requirement. Additionally, you need to understand state and federal laws regulating delinquent mortgages and restrictions on collection activity. Mortgage adjusters must be computer literate, including the financial programs used by the banking industry. You should be able to read and interpret statistical spreadsheets and other financial data. Job board openings indicate that you should be competent using Microsoft Word and Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet program.

Problem-Solving Skills

Mortgage adjusters work directly with the delinquent account holder to help him get current on the payments. You need to have strong problem-solving skills so you can quickly analyze a situation and provide a possible solution. Banks impose deadlines on mortgage adjusters, so there is constant pressure to collect on the delinquent accounts while maintaining a professional demeanor.


The average salary for a mortgage adjuster is $37,000 as of May 28, 2011, according to the Simply Hired website. The site notes that there is a wide fluctuation in salary and benefits within the industry. The company hiring you and the cost of living in that particular city, along with your level of experience, affect the negotiated salary.


Employers generally require least one year of experience with mortgages or other collection activity. Additionally, you need to demonstrate excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Some markets, such as Miami, may require bilingual employees.

Other Job Titles

Mortgage adjuster positions are also listed as loan adjuster, loan collections officer, mortgage servicing specialist or default servicing complaint resolution negotiator.