Analytical skills in management are often defined as the ability to break problems into parts to see relationships or interdependencies. Managers with analytical abilities plan well and lead projects successfully. They are able to accurately forecast financial results and develop plans to meet goals and objectives. Analytical leaders work with their people to plan and create action plans for their areas of responsibility and work to accomplish these goals. Managers who possess analytical skills systematically accomplish their plans and logically produce predictable results.

Problem-solving Skills

A manager's analytical skills are frequently used to solve problems. Much like a detective, a manager is often called upon to solve business problems. When units are not performing as expected or a crisis develops in an important location, managers must use their analytical skills, especially questioning and researching, to determine what is actually causing the problem. Once a problem is analyzed and a potential cause is determined, a manager must select the appropriate solution to implement. Problem-solving skills are an important tool for the analytical manager.

Project Management Skills

Project management skills are vital for success in business. The ability to analyze a project and create a project plan ultimately determines success for a manager. Due dates and tasks must be reviewed and created for the plan. Individual responsibilities and duties need to be assigned. Frequent updates must be received and acted upon after careful analysis. Corrective actions need to be applied as necessary, and solutions must be implemented as soon as a problem arises. Analyzing and implementing a project requires considerable effort and sound analytical skills.

Goals and Objectives

Managers must be skillful in creating and accomplishing goals and objectives. This important analytical skill has many applications for leaders. Goals and objectives must be set with every member of your staff. Assisting your team in developing and then achieving its goals is a primary function of all managers. Reaching sales and profitability goals is also vital for managers. Determining strategies and tactics for meeting objectives ultimately determines success or failure. Analytical skills are used every day by leaders and managers in all departments.

People Skills

Analytical skills are used often in people management. Determining expectations and setting them along with your employees requires excellent planning and analysis. Reviewing associate performance requires research and observation, and this also requires analytical talents for success. Planning employee meetings and reviews also uses analytical and detail skills. Reviewing and assigning employee ratings takes research and fact-finding talents for complete success. Deciding on associate promotions and performance improvement steps uses many analytical abilities and talents. When dealing with people, managers must use all of their analytical skills.