Now more than ever, businesses have the opportunity to grow and expand into international markets. Many businesses are taking advantage of being able to establish and operate online with virtual offices and remote employees. There are many new ways to do business, but with growth also come new challenges and emerging issues. There are also economic issues that continue to present challenges to new and established businesses alike.

Economic Challenges

Many economists have dubbed this era as “The Great Recession.” Companies have recorded historic losses and are faced with the challenge of reorganizing their business to save money. Managers are faced with the difficult task of reducing staff with layoffs. Managers must also figure out how to keep their operation running smoothly with limited staff. You must be certain to make sure that your reduced-size staff doesn’t become overworked and burned out. This can lead to reduced worker productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

Managers must always be aware of their level of customer satisfaction with their product or service. You must be certain to always keep your ear to the ground and stay connected with your customers. If you are a restaurant owner, for instance, you must speak directly to the customers and get their feedback. Managers often become very busy with work and often neglect to get up close to what is going on. Be certain to do frequent employee performance reviews to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Employee Development

It is critical to make sure that employees keep a vested interest in the work. Employee burnout and a lack of enthusiasm about the work can often lead to slowed production and lower output. This is a recipe for disaster for managers that are trying to keep up production and quality. To make sure that your employees continue the same level of enthusiasm, be certain to give them plenty of opportunities for training. This will make them feel appreciated and valued as a part of the team. By investing in employees, you are investing with the company for its growth and development.

Other Issues

Besides economic crunches and staff reductions, there are other issues that continue to plague even the most people-smart managers. Issues such as employee disputes, gossip, jealousy and poor time management can be frustrating for managers. Websites such as Management Issues ( give advice to help you handle different management issues that arise. You can also submit questions and get a response from top professionals in the management field, which can help you manage your business.