“Media” refers to a range of sources whereby people and organizations can communicate information on a large scale, typically using one of several established methods. Although new types of media arise with advances in technology, most people agree on the main categories that the term "media" encompasses. These are a mix of traditional and contemporary methods.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are often referred to as “print media," and are one of the oldest forms of media in society. Within newspapers and magazines, there are a number of media subcategories; for example, picture media and advertising media often exist throughout their pages. However, “news media” is the predominant media theme throughout newspapers, and this category is often discussed in reference to its objectivity and methods of information-gathering.


Radio is another common category of media, as some sort of radio-based broadcasting is prevalent throughout the world. This category is typically linked to news media, music media or other types of communication that are purely audio-based. However, it’s important to note that radio broadcasts that aren’t intended for mass consumption don’t qualify as a form of media.


Television media is a relatively new phenomenon but is now considered one of the most widely consumed forms of media; this is therefore a major category when discussing mass forms of communication. For this reason, the analysis of television programming is a popular choice of academic media research.


Arguably the most recent form of media to be created, the Internet has opened up various new categories of media content. These include social media, which refers to the mass communication of individuals to those digitally linked to them, and can be seen in websites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, as the Internet has progressed, it has also caused a convergence of other media categories to be accessible. For instance, radio and television programs are often accessed through the Internet.


Outdoor/advertising media mainly refers to advertisements that are intended for the public to view. Billboards and electronic displays in busy shopping areas fall under this category.