New York State Licensing Requirements for Pest Control

by Faith Davies ; Updated September 26, 2017

In New York, all pest control workers who use chemicals to kill insects, rodents and others nuisance creatures must have a state-issued license. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation handles the licensing of pest control workers in the state. Three types of licenses are available, including the commercial and residential applicators and the commercial technician.

Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators

Commercial pesticide applicators in New York have the ability to apply any types of pesticide chemicals in buildings that do not serve as residences. To qualify for licensing, candidates must meet one of five primary eligibility criteria. Candidates with two years of experience as a technician assistant or one year of experience with 12 hours of training qualify for the license. Candidates of three years of apprenticeship experience in pest control or three years of experience as a private pesticide applicator or a salesperson of industrial chemicals are also eligible.

Certified Commercial Pesticide Technician

Commercial pesticide technicians have the ability to apply nonrestricted chemicals to buildings that do not function as residences. Only candidates who are at least 17 years of age are eligible for the license. Candidates must also complete 30 hours of training approved by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation or hold an associate or bachelor's degree with coursework experience identified by the state. As an alternative to formal education, candidates can work as an apprentice for two years. All candidates must pass a core examination and additional tests in the fields in which they wish to work.

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Certified Private Pesticide Applicator

The certified private pesticide applicator can apply chemicals in residential settings. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age. To qualify for licensing, candidates must have one year of work experience using the types of chemicals for which they are applying, complete a 30-hour training course or have an associate or bachelor's degree with classes in state-required subjects. Alternatively, candidates can show proof of having worked with a commercial applicator license. All candidates must pass examinations related to the types of chemicals that they wish to use.


Pest control technicians who already hold a license from some states can qualify for a New York license through the process of reciprocity. As of April 2011, New York held reciprocity agreements with Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. To qualify for reciprocity, candidates must be residents of a reciprocal state and hold a license issued from that state. Candidates for New York reciprocity licensing must show proof of their credentials to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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