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Analytical skill is the ability to determine the correct course of action quickly in any given situation. In a job interview, the interviewer will often combine analytical questions with your knowledge of the industry, according to Dona DeZube, writing on the Monster website. These sorts of questions are designed to determine your ability to react quickly to the pressure situations that the job may present.

Treating Customers

Have the person describe a time when he had to respond to a customer's request quickly to retain business. This question will determine how well the person is able to use the resources at her disposal in pressure situations. The question might be more specific, depending on the interviewer and the prospective employee. If you are the prospective employee, ask questions to ensure that you have all of the information you would normally need to react to such a situation, and talk the solution out loud. The interviewer will be interested to hear your thought process in a crisis situation.

Real-life Conditions

Analytical skills require teamwork, and when pressure arises in the office, stress usually follows. You might be asked to describe a stressful work-related situation and how you resolved it. The interviewer is trying to determine how you handle stress. When you give your answer, use an example of a situation that was completely unexpected. Give details about the lead-up to the crisis, and then explain the precise process you went through to relieve the stress. If you took charge of a situation and brought co-workers together to successfully diffuse a problem, then use that as an example.

Dealing With a Boss

Ask the prospective employee to explain his feelings when a decision he made was overturned by management. In a fast-paced office environment, decisions are being made constantly. In some cases, management will step in and overturn a decision you had made in a pressure situation. While this can add more stress to the conditions, it is also the way that business runs. An interviewer wants to determine how you handle having your decisions reversed by management. In a pressure situation, there is no time for egos. The interviewer wants to see whether you are able to maintain the company hierarchy, even in a crisis.

Taking It All In

Ask what process did the person use to solve a crisis or pressure situation. This is one of the more direct analytical skills questions you will get in an interview. When the interviewer asks this, she is interested in hearing how you are able to look over a problem and determine the proper plan of action. Include company policy, company hierarchy, proper use of co-worker's skills and deductive reasoning in your answer. Deductive reasoning will often involve finding that balance between what is good for the client, and what is good for the company.



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