If you are looking for a franchise that is easy to begin with low start-up costs, you have plenty of options. From home cleaning businesses to auto glass repair, you can find a franchise you can start quickly and without a lot of overhead and start-up costs. You can also operate and manage a franchise on your own or with minimal help, a valuable attribute for a small start up.


According to Entrepreneur.com, in 2011, one of the best and easiest franchises to open is a cleaning franchise. For an investment of between $8,000 and $38,000, you can open a cleaning business out of your home servicing commercial franchises. When shopping for a franchise, look for companies that provide training, customer service and field operations support, and a strong national advertising base so you’ll bring brand recognition to your business.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Another franchise type with a relatively low start-up cost, you can get started on a glass repair and replacement franchise for between $9,000 and $30,000. For an auto repair business, you’ll need your own vehicle, auto glass panels and repair tools to get you started. You’ll need to be flexible enough to meet people at their place of business or residency, but overhead is low since you can work from a mobile or home office.

Free Publications

Those magazines that you see piled high inside the doors of your local grocery store, stacked on tables at your doctor’s office or distributed at your children’s school can provide you with a business franchise opportunity. According to Entrepreneur.com, you can start a free magazine or newspaper for a minimal cost between $9,000 and $10,000 with a typical franchise fee of between $6,000 and $8,500. Typically, you can perform this business alone or with minimal help but you’ll need to be comfortable writing, editing, performing lay out and design, and, of course, selling advertising. The ad space in your publication pays for your business model so you’ll either have to get out there and sell or hire a sales person who can sell space in your newsletter, magazine or newspaper.

Pet Care

A simple franchise to open is a home-based, pet-care franchise. You can open a franchise as simple as dog walking and pet care to a six-figure investment in a “doggy day care.” Doggy day cares take more of an investment, planning, equipment and space while home-based, pet-care franchises rely on personnel to care for pets in people’s homes. In this business, you’ll need to either do the work yourself or hire workers to walk dogs, feed cats or change the cages of lizards.