A data entry clerk handles data from co-workers, sorts and prints it in statistical reports, or imports it into online data systems used in the business. The clerks are also responsible for handling software issues that arise when importing data, along with prioritizing publication and distribution of data reports. Write the data entry clerk resume objectives according to the specific demands of the clerk position being sought.

Entry-Level Data Clerk Objective

An entry-level data clerk can focus her resume objective on gaining work experience, especially if she is a recent graduate or has little data entry clerk experience. An example of an entry-level data clerk objective is to be able to use skills and tools learned during an Information Technology degree program. Another entry-level objective can focus on learning policies and procedures of the given company.

Using Existing Knowledge

An experienced data entry clerk objective can include the skills and expertise learned in previous jobs and academic training. Employers expect that data entry clerks have a set of skills taught by previous employers. An example of an experienced data entry clerk objective is to use the existing expertise and skills in the new data clerk position while learning new aspects of data entry clerk in the position in question.

Eager to Learn

Although the applicant may have years of experience as a data entry clerk, the new position may require him to learn new things about the data entry field. If this is the case, the career resume objective can focus on the applicant's eagerness to learn new procedures. The objective can focus on the opportunity to learn new technology, company policies, entry rules and methods in creating the company's data reports.

Offering New Suggestions

A company may be looking for someone who can offer creative alternative suggestions in data entry software and methods. In this case, the objective should involve developing new procedures and software for data entry and collections.