Professional recruiters work in all industries and organizations. They fulfill a critical role in the development of a company or organization. They locate, attract and hire the human capital that makes a company or organization function. Hiring top talent is difficult in today’s environment. A recruiter knows this and works hard to ensure that their organization hires the best for their given budget and organization. There are several certifications that professional recruiters can earn to demonstrate their mastery of the recruiting process.


CPC stands for certified personnel consultant. It is a certification that recruiters can earn once they meet the minimum recruiting and educational standards. The CPC certification is offered by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. This certification is for individuals working in the staffing industry or agency environment. The CPC prepares a recruiter with knowledge about federal laws affecting the staffing industry, recruiting ethics and industry knowledge. This certification has a strong ethics emphasis and spends a lot of time dealing with the etiquette of agency recruiting. A candidate must have staffing industry experience and pass an exam to become credentialed.


The CTS certification stands for certified temporary staffing specialist and is meant for staffing professionals working specifically in the temporary staffing world. This certification is also offered by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. This certification provides the basic knowledge of federal laws affecting the temporary staffing industry. According to NAPS, “The CTS examination addresses legal information relevant to practice of temporary staffing industry firms and the professional personnel consultants that function within those firms. The examination also addresses the NAPS professional and ethical standards and the certification program rules.” A candidate must have temporary staffing industry experience and pass an exam to become credentialed.

AIRS Professional Recruiter Certification

The AIRS professional recruiter certification is the newest recruiter certification offered by AIRS. This certification outlines the life cycle and best practices of a recruiting campaign. It helps the recruiter plan and execute targeted recruiting campaigns. It outlines every stage of the recruiting process. The certification includes Internet search exercises and will present real world recruiting searches and tasks. It prepares the candidate to manage the full life cycle of the recruiting process. The cost of this course and subsequent exam is $995.


This certification, offered by AIRS, is called the certified social sourcing recruiter certification. Social media presents vast opportunities for recruiters in today’s recruiting climate. This certification prepares a candidate with the knowledge, secrets, techniques and skills necessary to recruit using social media sites and memberships. This certification course and subsequent exam is $995. It prepares a candidate to attract top talent through social media while operating on a minimal budget.