Summer camp counselors are trained workers who attend to children at the camp. Counselors often need to possess specific skills or qualifications, as managing and assisting children during a summer camp can be a demanding job. The resume of a camp counselor should reflect this knowledge, so the employer knows that the applicant is capable of handling the demands of the job.

Position Sought

The job application for a camp counselor should identify the exact position sought. If the job posting has a specific title mentioned, the applicant should use the exact title so the employer can organize applications accordingly. If a list of available positions have been listed, the applicant should write the name of the position she wishes to apply for.

Camp Counselor Profile

The first section of the camp counselor resume should give a profile of the applicant. The profile should not focus on the individual as a person, but what the applicant can offer in terms of personality traits and skills that make him stand out from other applicants. This can include being a responsible and determined individual who has experience working and overseeing children in a camp-like setting.

Relevant Skills

The resume should also include a section of relevant skills that apply directly to the type of camp the individual is applying for. For instance, having a health-related background for a weight-loss summer camp may be beneficial for the applicant. Similarly, having experience working as a teacher for a children’s camp or working with computers for a technological camp can also be assets on a resume. Tailor the relevant skills and qualifications section so it directly applies to the job. If the candidate is applying for several summer camp jobs, this section should be rewritten for each application.


An education section or background should be included. This shows that the applicant is motivated and driven when goals are set. It also shows a level of discipline and dedication. Even though dedication and motivation are part of the applicant’s profile section, these scholastic achievements serve as proof that these statements are true. Candidates who are studying to become teachers should mention this on the resume, as camp counseling is often seen as a method of teaching and guiding.

Previous Experience

The candidate should include previous work experience on the resume, particularly if she has previous camp counseling experience. The information should include detailed descriptions about the work responsibilities, such as looking out for children, hosting activities and handling conflicts between campers.