About Craftmatic

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Craftmatic is a company that produces adjustable beds. The company has a line of products that are supposed to provide sleepers with a more comfortable place to rest. The company builds beds that are advertised as being good for your health, as well as being loaded with various other amenities such as heaters and massagers to compliment the adjustable form factor.

Company History

The Craftmatic company has a long and established history of building beds. It claims to have sold over a million beds across the globe, and has a 40 year history in the industry. Although the brand is best known for its series of adjustable beds, it also has a secondary product line of chairs that assist people in standing up via an electric lift system.


Craftmatic beds are made from high quality materials that are meant to hold up to a great deal of wear and tear. The focus on their construction is to create a mattress that won't degrade after being folded up and lowered down hundreds or thousands of times over the life of its use. Another consideration of the construction is ensuring that all of the mechanics that are used to lift the bed don't hit themselves or grind, ensuring long life, and that they stand up to long use. The designers know that this feature of the bed will be used regularly.


There are three primary features that make the Craftmatic bed perfect for people with limited mobility or other physical problems that require a specialized bed. The first is the lifting mechanism. The bed can be adjusted just like a hospital bed. A remote control system is used to control the bed. The rear portion of the bed can be elevated to a near sitting position, while the lower portion of the bed can be raised to elevate the feet. The Monaco and Model I also feature a massager build into the mattress, and are both heated.

The Chair

The Craftmatic ElectroLift chair is the company's response to the issue of people with physical limitations having difficulty getting in and out of chairs. The chair rises on a mechanism similar to the way the bed lifts up. People can then sit down with the chair higher up and settle into it, or use it to lift themselves back to a standing position after they sit down. Heating and massage features are also available in the chair.