Pre-Employment Process

by Carolyn Green; Updated September 26, 2017
The pre-employment process includes more than just an interview.

In addition to an interview, pre-employment activities can include background screening and a verification and assessment process. However, potential employers don't have an unlimited right to search a candidate's personal life and background, according to the website. For example, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires an employer to get written permission before examining a candidate's credit report. An applicant can expect several pre-employment requests for information and background searches.


Pre-employment assessments can be part of the hiring process. These assessments allow the employer to test the applicant's skills as well as traits and behaviors that may not be revealed during the interview. Assessments cover cognitive skills, and they can be designed to assess the specific skills the company needs.

Employment Verification

Employment verification is used to check a potential employee's work history. This includes the applicant's dates of employment, job title and responsibility. Verification may include starting and ending pay rates, job performance and reasons for leaving the previous job.

Social Security Number

Verification of the applicant's Social Security number reveals when and where the number was assigned.

Education and Licensing

Confirmation of education and credentials helps an employer determine whether the applicant has the right training for the job. This process confirms information about certificates, diplomas and degrees as well as dates of graduation from high school, trade school, colleges and universities. Professional license confirmation ensures that the applicant is licensed.

Professional References

A check of professional references includes contacting former colleagues and other people listed on the application. The employer will contact professional references to obtain their assessment of the applicant's character, abilities and work record.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation claims are part of the public record. If physical activity is part of the job, the pre-employment process may include a worker's compensation claim search. With this search, an employer can identify a habitual claims filer and avoid placing a worker in a position that presents an injury risk.

Criminal Background Check

If the employer's state permits a criminal background check during the pre-employment process, it can include a check of fingerprints and details of convictions. Also included can be a search of federal convictions such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, wire and mail fraud, postal offenses and violations of immigration laws.

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