List of the Hardest Jobs

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If you are a person who complains about your job and thinks it's too difficult, you may want to spend some time pondering how much worse it could be. There are jobs in the world that are truly frightful, and yet there are plenty of people who will do them. Ironically, some of the most difficult jobs in the world also offer some of the lowest pay.

Calcutta Sewer Cleaner

The website Oddee reports that Ramesh Sahu works as a sewer cleaner in Calcutta. When the sewers become backed up or clogged, it is his job to climb down into the sewer and fill buckets with human waste that is then pulled to the surface with a rope, where it is dumped in the street. He does this job with no mask and no safety apparatus at all. For doing this, Mr. Sahu earns the equivalent of around $100 a month.


AOL Jobs reports that the fishing industry has a fatality rate of 128.9 per 100,000, making it the most hazardous profession. Fishermen are subject to a number of hazards, the most serious being caught in a storm or a hurricane. Even in good weather, fishermen can be injured by equipment or knocked overboard and drowned. On top of the dangers of injury or death, fishing involves exposure to cold and inclement weather, possible seasickness and long periods away from home living in cramped quarters.


Mercenaries are combatants who are hired for pay, rather than members of any organized national military force. They are often paid extremely well for their combat services, but their jobs are, not surprisingly, extremely hazardous. Being a mercenary involves going to some of the most dangerous places in the world, seeking out some of the most dangerous people in the world and fighting with them. At best, the job involves prolonged periods of time away from home and living in uncomfortable conditions. At worst, you can quite easily be killed.

United Nations Negotiator

Although you are less likely to be killed than a mercenary, you will almost certainly develop a group of people who hate you, because U.N. negotiations can never please everyone. The United Nations gets involved in international conflicts and civil wars that the participants seem unable to resolve, and attempts to find compromises that are acceptable to all sides as a means of stopping active violence. Some of these conflicts have been going on for decades and are almost impossible to stop. A UN negotiator needs a deep and extensive understanding of the politics and sociology of a region, as well as tremendous patience and the ability to work well with widely divergent personalities.