How to Develop a New Marketing Campaign for the Assisted Living & Home Health Agencies Business

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Assisted living and home healthcare services offer value to people who struggle with their personal or medical care. The market for these services is growing, thanks to the approximately 77 million baby boomers who will retire over the next two decades. A marketing campaign helps you find ways to attract clients so you can take advantage of the growing number of people who need assistance.

Review Target Market

Your marketing campaign needs to focus on two different target markets. First, appeal to senior citizens looking for assisted living or home health services. In addition, family members, such as children or spouses who must make healthcare decisions for their parents, are another target market to which you want to appeal. Reviewing your target market means identifying how to get in touch with them, such as reaching people living in retirement communities who need to make the move to assisted living. Identifying neighborhoods with older homes in which senior citizens are likely to live is another way to find seniors who may need home health care services.

Key Messages

Write down key messages you want your marketing to emphasize. For senior citizens who need health and personal care service in their homes, your messages need to focus on building trust. Convincing people to move from their family home or an independent living facility into the assisted living lifestyle requires explaining the benefits of getting more help. Messages to the children of seniors need to focus on safety and providing all of the care needed so they feel confident resuming their busy lives with family and jobs.


Look at other agencies in your area that offer similar services to see what types of marketing messages they use to advertise their assisted living and home health care services. Research the mediums they use to find new clients, such as writing articles about senior healthcare in the newspaper, placing ads on the radio or direct mail tactics. Look for ways to stand out from your competitors, such as mentioning ongoing training of your aides and nurses or providing resources that help people sell their homes if they need to move into assisted living facilities.

Promotional Tactics

The promotional tactics you use as part of your campaign need to include both digital and traditional strategies. Put your key messages on a website to help seniors and their children understand the home healthcare and assisted living facilities you provide. Consider advertising in community newspapers that reach the neighborhoods in which your target market lives. Look for advertising opportunities in publications designed specifically for your area’s senior citizens. Speak at senior citizen meetings to start building relationships with people who eventually need your agency’s services.