Fun Ways to Roll Out a Strategic Plan

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Every company benefits by the introduction of a strategic plan to guide the business. This plan is necessary because it addresses such issues as developing a vision, identifies what direction the business will proceed in, gives an estimate as to how long it will take and, most importantly, dictates specifically how the company will achieve its goals. Management is called on to roll out a new strategic plan to its employees. Learn a few fun ways to get your employees engaged and on board.

Role Playing

Introduce the new strategic plan for the business by enlisting employees in some role-playing activities. Get together with your team of key individuals beforehand to rehearse your "script." This involves acquainting the team with the specifics of the plan beforehand so they are ready to act out a skit as part of the presentation. Add as much humor as you can without losing the focus on key points. Have fun with it, and invite the staff to comment on your unique way of rolling out the strategic plan.

Mystery Game

You can challenge your team to discover the specifics of the company's strategic plan by playing a mystery game in which employees use clues to help spell out the company's new initiatives. For example, if part of the plan is to work on communication, a cell phone and a pair of candy wax "lips" can provide the clues to this aspect. Divide the employees into small groups with a set of clues and then have everyone share their guesses. Reward right answers with some small prizes or company perks.

Birthday Party

Celebrate your company's new strategic plan by giving it a birthday part to which the entire staff is invited. Decorate the staff room with streamers, balloons and "Happy Birthday" signs to create a party atmosphere. Hand out horns, hats, clickers and confetti to your employees. Set out party foods, such as veggies and dip, chips, finger sandwiches and, of course, a birthday cake for the workers to enjoy. Present the plan as the party's host and keep guests focused with visual props, such as a graphics-heavy PowerPoint display while the celebration continues.

Create a Children's Book

An innovative way to roll out a new plan is to present it as a children's storybook. Some of the most successful business books were created in this manner, such as the extremely popular "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. This short tale regarding how to deal with change in the workplace was written for adults but presented as though for children. Choose a central sympathetic character who learns the new strategic plan step by step. Include lots of illustrations to help depict your ideas. Make enough copies to hand out to each employee, and gather them together for "story time" so you can present the plan to the entire staff.