Individual Grants Listed for Women

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Many individual grants are available for women today. These are grants that assist women in advancing their education, careers and various personal endeavors. Women can apply for many types of individual grants with the right kind of information and understanding of how these grants work.

Individual Grants

Most individual grants fall into four categories. Each category has its own rules, regulations, purposes and expectations for how the funds can be used. The four types of grants available to women are: federal, private, corporate and professional grants.

Educational Grants

Through federal grants, women can apply for money to pursue college degrees. These grants are called Pell grants. Women can also use federal grants to help establish themselves within the fields of business, the arts, science and technology, which can advance their careers. When applying for most individual federal grants, a clearly stated goal and purpose for the money being requested must be submitted with the application. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education are just two examples of government agencies that offer federal grants.

Private Grants

Through private grants, women can seek funds for various endeavors. These grants are made available by private sponsors such as an individual, organization or foundation. The grants are available to encourage and enhance different types of activities for which the sponsor and applicant may share a common interest. Celebrities and public figures are known to give private grants to individuals. Oprah Winfrey is one such celebrity who awards grants through her foundation, the Oprah Angel Network.

Corporate Grants

Corporate grants are available to women for career and educational advancement. These grants are sponsored by companies that benefit by possibly staking an interest in the recipient's business or project and improving the company's public image. Companies also receive tax breaks for these donations. General Electric is an example of a corporation that awards grants to women.

Professional Grants

Professional grants are available to advance the careers of individuals within a particular field and to help advance the public status of a particular profession. These grants are usually given through universities and organizations within a specified field. Numerous professional organizations for women offer grants that provide assistance with career advancement. The Fund for Women Artists is a great example of a professional grant.