Ideas for Free & Easy Fundraisers

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Raising money for an organization can be difficult if you don't know where to start. If the members of your team are willing to donate their time and resources, many fund-raising ideas exist that are easy and free. If you do it right, the team will have fun and bond while making money for the cause.

Sell Homemade Goods

A bake sale is one easy way to raise money. Determine a location for the sale; you need to get permission if you're using a privately owned venue. Secure a table from the venue or have someone bring one. Volunteers most likely already have the ingredients or items needed to make baked good. Ask each member to make and donate one or two desserts. Wrap each item individually and set a sign out with prices. Select one or two people to stand behind the table and sell the baked goods. The organization keeps all of the money made. A variation of this fundraiser is a craft sale. If team members love to craft, they already may have supplies they can use to make items to sell. Let them showcase their talents.

Take Over a Store

For this fundraiser, find a restaurant or cafe manager willing to let volunteers work there for a day for free. Team members can assume the role of waiter, dishwasher, host or any other job that needs to be filled. As a thank you, the restaurant gives a percentage of its profits for that day to the organization. The organization doing the fund raising can put up signs and spread the word that people should come to the restaurant on that day to support their cause. This will boost restaurant sales while adding to the organization's profits. Some grocery stores also will let volunteers bag groceries for the day. Put tip jars at each register and a sign explaining what organization will receive the money.

Design Clothes

Some websites such as CafePress will allow you to start a free online store and upload designs for items such as T-shirts and hats. The website handles printing the item for a flat rate. Set the price above CafePress' rate and keep the profit. For example, if it costs $10 for a T-shirt, you can sell it for $15, making a $5 profit per shirt sold. Give potential customers a link to the website, and they can go online to buy the item. The organization doesn't need to put money down or end up with extra products that didn't sell.