How Does a Convenience Store Owner Spend a Workday?

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Michael Lorenzo

Opening Up the Store

The convenience store owner usually arrives to his store a few minutes before opening time. The store is ready to go from the day before so the owner must unlock the store and switch the sign from closed to open. The owner may stay behind the register and wait on customers all day or he might have employees to help out.

Taking Care of Customers

It is the owner's job to keep the customers happy. She must be available to take care of any problems that arise even if an employee is working the register. Most convenience store owners are on the property during business hours. The owner must decide when to give a refund to the customer. The owner may also assist the customer by taking special orders and getting the products in stock.

Cleaning Up

Once the convenience store is closed for the day, the cleaning begins. The floors must be swept and mopped and the counters wiped down. Any glass windows or doors are wiped down with Windex. Some convenience stores have carpeting that should be vacuumed. If any products have fallen into the aisle then they need to be picked up. Every month or so the shelves need to be wiped down so the store retains an appearance of cleanliness.


Inventory needs to be taken. Items that are running low need to be added to a list. The items are then ordered by the owner over the phone. The owner will have an account with a supplier, so ordering will be easy. The owner will either receive a bill in the mail or he will be charged for the items on his credit card. When the items arrive the owner pulls the older items toward the front and puts the newer ones in the back. The shelves are then arranged to look presentable to the customers.


It's the convenience store owner's job to take care of the paperwork. This includes inventory, sales receipts, purchasing receipts and employee wages. The owner must also write out the employee paychecks and withhold appropriate taxes to be sent to the government. The convenience store owner is responsible for keeping track of sales tax and sending it in quarterly. Sometimes an owner will hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to help her with this large task.