How to Obtain a Florida License to Operate an Assisted Living Facility

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Opening an assisted living facility in Florida requires more than just sharp business acumen, financial resources and clients. It also requires licensing from several government agencies to ensure that proper procedures and state-sanctioned policies are followed particular to an elderly population. Obtaining licensing in Florida for the operation of an assisted living facility is time-consuming, but necessary in order to operate legally.

Submit your application to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. You must be licensed through this agency in order to open and operate your facility. The application asks for personal information on the CEO and CFO, as well as that of the medical director. You must also give an accounting of your board of directors and your medical directors on the application, as well as those who have controlling interest in the facility.

Submit your personal identifying information for background screening purposes. You must be able to pass the background check in order to have your licensing application approved through AHCA. This is because you are handling the personal information and managing the day-to-day lives of the people you serve through your facility, so the agency is responsible for making sure you don't have a criminal background that negates your ability to effectively do so.

Provide proof of your ability to operate financially. This is another AHCA form that goes hand-in-hand with obtaining your license through the agency. It asks for information on staffing and salaries and your source of funds. The application also asks for revenue projections and a summary of your expenses.

Submit your application to the Department of Health for environmental health purposes. This is another requirement to operate an assisted living facility in Florida and is a separate application. However, keep in mind that this is simply a state regulation, not a specific license. You must have an inspection by DOH in order to open and operate your facility.