How to Set Goals With a Template

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A template can help setting and following goals more attainable. You can prioritize your goals into categories based on type so that you can set aside time to focus on different goals in your life. It also helps to write down your goals and put them in a place where you will see them often. This will help to make them a more prominent aspect of your life, which will help you focus on and work toward them every day.

Write a list of goals that you have. It might help to categorize the goals before you put them in a template, so create useful categories such as "Work," "Family," Physical," "Emotional," "Daily," "Weekly," "Monthly."

Place your goals within a template format, such as the personal development template provided in the resources section. Using this template, you will place your goal categories in a column list on the left side of a spreadsheet. A time table will then run from left to right on the top row of the spreadsheet.

Write your goals in the empty spreadsheet boxes according to when you want to accomplish your goals. For example, a work goal for the month will go in the box where the "Work" category column and the "Month" time row intersect. Continue to fill in the boxes to organize your different categories of goals and time frames within the template.