How to Create a Timeline for Employee Training Plans

A timeline can serve as a useful guideline for getting an employee training plan accomplished. While you need not follow the timeline with perfect adherence, it still serves a valuable purpose in the form of a goal. You can follow a few simple steps to create a timeline for your employee training plan. Down the road, you can feel free to make changes to this timeline to keep it current and relevant.

Come up with the components of your employee training plan. Divide the process into phases. For example, it can be “Sales Training, Customer Service Training, Safety Training.”

Come up with reasonable expectations for the time needed to complete each step. For example, a simple lecture of about 30 minutes should not take much more time than an hour. Account for time needed for questions and other events, such as lunch.


Create the timeline. Make a line on a page. Place the brief description of a phase below a dot on the timeline. Place the duration of time necessary to complete a task above the task. This will constitute the basis of your employee training plan.