How to Write Proposals for Office Computer Equipment

by Jennifer VanBaren ; Updated September 26, 2017
Write a proposal with other employees to request new office computer equipment.

Office computer equipment is a costly expense for any business. Computer equipment can become obsolete or outdated very quickly and, in order for a business to produce efficient work, it is vital that workers have the computer equipment that is state of the art -- and cost effective as well. One way for employees to request new office computer equipment is to write a proposal explaining the need, the items needed, the purpose and the benefits.

Determine the need. Before you write a proposal for new office computer equipment, evaluate if the equipment is necessary and what is needed. Ask other employees to assist with the proposal in order to determine all of the needed equipment.

Evaluate the current office computer equipment. When a business owner receives a proposal for new equipment, the document must clearly explain why the current equipment must be replaced. Look into the cost of repairing or updating the current equipment and include an explanation of why this is not a cost-effective solution for the problem.

Research the new equipment. Determine exactly what is needed and the costs of all of the equipment. Compare different types of equipment and look for the best quality deal for the best price.

List the benefits. Create a list of all of the gains the company would receive by purchasing the new equipment. Be clear and concise in listing each and every benefit the company would receive. An example of this is the speed of a new office printer. If documents can be printed faster, employees will spend less time waiting for the printed documents.

Create a cover sheet that states the name and type of proposal. Include the person’s name that will read the proposal and the names of all employees involved in writing the document.

Write the proposal. Begin with an introduction that states what the problem is, the solution and a few highlights of the benefits of the proposal. Continue with the body of the proposal which contains all of the details regarding the new office computer office equipment. Conclude with a summary of the proposal highlights.

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