How to Design an Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

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Employee satisfaction questionnaires allow an organization's human resources and management groups to understand their employees and to see what can be done to increase their satisfaction, their engagement and their commitment to the organization. Employee satisfaction surveys can be designed in-house or by an external consultant. If you wish to do your own, there are some steps to follow to ensure you will get the results you need to build positive employee relations to impact your business.

Determine the need for your survey. Employee satisfaction questionnaires can evaluate a wide range of topics including overall satisfaction, coworker performance and cooperation, pay and benefit satisfaction, career advancement, supervision, communication, processes and policies, productivity and efficiency, job stress and work-life balance. The aim of your survey will determine the types of questions you will ask.

Choose which questions need to be asked to get the answers you need to evaluate your employee satisfaction in regard to the need of your questionnaire. To get ideas on questions to ask, consult sample questionnaires such as the CustomInsights Employee Engagement Survey sample.

Select the methodology you will use to ask your questions and gather you data. It can be both quantitative and qualitative. The way you ask your questions will be greatly influenced by the methodology you pick. It is possible to write an employee satisfaction questionnaire that mixes both methodologies for a more complete evaluation of the situation.

Decide which vehicle you will use to send the survey and gather the results. You can offer your employees multiple options or you can decide ahead of time that all staff members have to fill out the questionnaire on a paper format, via email, or via a secure online website.

Proof and test your questionnaire before sending the survey to your employees. This stage allows you to ensure the validity of the result and that you will get the desired results. If the results are positive, you have completed the design of your employee satisfaction questionnaire. If the results are not conclusive enough, start again and try changing questions or methodology until you have testing results satisfying enough to send the survey to your employees.