How To Answer Questions On Punctuality For Job Interviews

Punctuality, reliability and dependability are factors employers look for in potential new hires. Demonstrating these factors in an interview can be difficult, with no concrete way to show your commitment to punctuality. Letters of reference listing punctuality as a strength can help, but prepare answers to interview questions on punctuality and attendance.

Arrive at least five minutes early for the interview. You cannot expect your answers to punctuality related questions to be taken seriously if you fail to show up on time for the interview.

Give examples of your punctuality. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so inform the interviewer of your punctuality using real-life instances. Don't limit your examples to arriving on time; give details about how you complete projects on target and prioritize your tasks to meet deadlines.

Talk about the fact that failure to be punctual can affect the morale and dynamics of the workplace. Recognize the impact of being on time. Convince the interviewers that you recognize the importance of punctuality and timeliness to the performance of the team as a whole.

Be honest. If you have had a problem with punctuality in a previous position, interviewers will discover this when they conduct reference checks. Be upfront, explain the situation and how you learned from the mistake. Let the interviewers know the issue won't be repeated.


  • Send your thank you letter in a timely fashion, within 24- to 48 hours of the interview. A letter that arrives more than a week after the interview will destroy your credibility regarding punctuality.