How to Make a Reimbursement Form

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Businesses, churches and many other types of organizations use reimbursement forms as a way of tracking expenses and making payments to workers or volunteers for expenses incurred. When employees or volunteers perform various activities or purchase supplies for purposes of the organization, they are generally reimbursed for the money spent. In order to track these expenses and ensure that the correct people receive payment for them, they require all people to fill out a reimbursement form when necessary.

Use a spreadsheet program to create reimbursement forms. Print the form on company letterhead.

Create a place for the name, phone number and address of the person claiming a reimbursement.

Insert the date the expense was incurred. If the expenses span several days, all appropriate dates go in this column or row.

Leave a blank for a description of the purpose of the expense, such as business travel, supplies purchased for a project or a business meeting over lunch.

Leave several lines for the type of expense incurred. Include boxes for common expenses that your organization often experiences, such as food, supplies or gas.

Leave lines for the amount next to the expense type. Several lines for type and amount will allow a request reimbursement for multiple expenses on the same form.

Leave a signature line. Indicate that you prefer a copy of the receipt to be attached to the form as well.