Troubled economic times call for job security. The best way to maintain that security is to be at work every day and do the best job you can do. Unfortunately, there are some situations that require you to take time off of work. Pregnancy, extreme illness and emergency family situations are all reasonable excuses for missing work for extended periods. Those extended periods are called leaves of absence. Taking an extended leave means meeting with your supervisor to explain the situation, then reiterating your need for leave in a letter to the company.

Step 1.

Approach your supervisor and discuss the matter with him. Make your request verbally and in person at this time.

Step 2.

Write down your request. Include a valid reason for your need to take a leave of absence. Be as specific as you can without going into personal details that do not pertain to the workplace.

Step 3.

State exactly how long you need to be gone from your job. Give the precise date you need to begin your leave and the date you expect to return.

Step 4.

Be formal and professional at all times in your request. Do not use first names or informal language in this business document.

Step 5.

Get straight to the point of your request. Label the document as a "Request for Leave of Absence" across the top so that there is no confusion.

Step 6.

Keep it simple and honest. Explain your need and the dates and end the letter. Do not add any details or extra correspondence in this document.