A letter of joint cooperation is a written agreement between one or more parties. Typically, these parties are participants in a project or activity that usually requires the pooling of resources in order to accomplish a particular goal. For example, two prominent business executives may agree to work together on a plan for revitalizing downtown. Or opponents in a labor dispute may decide to end lawsuits over an issue and work cooperatively to reach an agreement. Whatever the purpose, the creation of a letter of joint cooperation follows a fairly standard format.

Step 1.

Review the proposed project or activity to confirm that you fully understand what it is and what the parties are seeking to accomplish.

Step 2.

Write the letter using the business letterhead of at least one of the parties.

Step 3.

Open the letter by stating that it is a letter of joint cooperation. Identify the parties involved in the project. Explain the initiative and tell why the parties are coming together to support it. Write the letter in a businesslike yet upbeat tone.

Step 4.

Use bullet points to list the key objectives of the cooperative effort. Also list several benefits that the parties hope to achieve from the partnership.

Step 5.

Add other relevant information. Additional information might include a discussion of the timeline for completion of the objective, the responsibilities of each party and the financial contributions the parties are donating to the project.

Step 6.

Obtain signatures on the letter from all the parties involved. Include participants' titles and company names if applicable.


Letters of joint cooperation usually are not legally binding.