How to Write a Business Letter of Praise

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Pretty much everyone appreciates receiving praise, whether it is from a friend or family member, a supervisor or a fellow employee. In business, recognition for a job well done or an extra effort shows the actions have been noticed and serves as encouragement to continue doing a good job. Putting it in writing shows a special effort to express a compliment while also giving the person a tangible reminder of the praise.

Delivering praise

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Choose a format. Business letters can be either traditional paper letters printed on your own or the company letterhead or they can be sent by e-mail. The advantages of e-mail are immediacy and informality. Advantages to a paper, or hard copy, letter is its permanence and the show of effort it involves. In either case you need to find out where to send the letter.

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List the thing or things you wish to praise the person (or organization) for. Making a list before starting to write the letter makes the writing easier and ensures that you will not leave out anything essential that you meant to include. It can also help you avoid stating the obvious, which could devalue the message you intend to give.

Find an example. A well written letter ensures that your points are clear. It can also communicate a degree of professionalism. There are thousands of templates and sample business letters available on websites such as,,, and Business letters, or letters praising someone’s job performance, etc. should be sent on letterhead, while personal letters of appreciation should be on personal stationery.


  • Depending on the reason you are praising someone, there are different forms that are most appropriate. For example, a letter thanking an individual for his or her efforts is different from one sent to the person’s supervisor to advise her of her employee’s performance. Research different types of letters to choose the one that is best suited to your circumstances.